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Drug Test Results – Exactly How Accurate Are They

Has a potential new manager at any point asked for that you take a drug test? I have done it a few times and never considered it. After all I have never at any point contacted illicit medications in my lifetime. So what is the major ordeal. I will pee in a container, the outcomes will be negative and I will land the position.

Or then again so I thought until I unearthed some somewhat exasperating data.

In opposition to my conviction the usually utilized drug test are just 95% precise. This means on the off chance that you are not a client there is a 95% possibility the outcome will be negative yet there is additionally a (colossal) 5% chance you will test positive. Also, obviously the inverse, on the off chance that you are a client there is a 95% you will be gotten yet there is a (little) 5% chance you will pull off it. If you are using a drug test caps, this is how to read a drug test cup.

Not too bad up til now. I locate the above numbers rather irritating yet I can live with them. Presently I might want to display an alternate perspective. I just exhibited the chances from the perspective before the test was ever taken. Presently lets see what occurs after you step through the examination. In the event that your outcome turns out negative you will be content with result paying little respect to the reality whether you are a client or not. Lets state however that you really tried positive. What is the real shot that you are a client if your outcome came positive? The appropriate response is half. On the off chance that you test positive the likelihood that you are a client is 50/50. That equivalent 50/50 (a straightforward coin hurl) chance is the thing that you had before you at any point stepped through the exam in the first place.