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Does a brand ambassador worth your hard-earned money?

Brand ambassador is defined as a person who is representing a brand to promote their product with his or her popularity to influence a consumer’s choice. Most of the brands in Malaysia has at least a brand ambassador to help them boost their brand’s reputation but is it necessary to have one? There are a few reasons to encourage you that you can perform well and reach higher market sales without a brand ambassador.

Firstly, you should use the same logo or brand image constantly to represent your company unless rebranding is needed to prevent the customers from confusing which is their favourite brand. Announcement to your customers is needed to build trust and a long-term loyal relationship with the customers.

Secondly, you can branding agency malaysia promote your brand when you attend any small or large network group meeting to exchange ideas with other companies. “Friend in need are friends indeed”, make friends with other professionals. Exchange business cards with the other professionals so that they will be the one who will help you when you face any problems.

Thirdly, advertising on social media application or website is free of charge with an unlimited amount of posts. You do not need to extra money for a brand ambassador as there are a lot of choices available for you. Your customers will approach you if they need your products or services.

Fourthly, giving out free gifts with your company’s name and contact information during networking events is a smart choice. The person will know how to contact your company if they wish to cooperate with your company for some projects.

Fifthly, you are advised to develop a good relationship with your clients to guarantee long-term sales. Inform them about the promotion and send them festival greetings card will remind them of your products or services and encourage them to promote your products or services to their friends or families.

Hence, the decision of hiring a brand ambassador is depended on you and your company. If you need a piece of advice, feel free to contact Branding Agency Malaysia for more information.