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Common Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

Being in the digital era, having website is a necessity. You need to have impressive online presence to make your business discoverable by the customers. Not only by the customers but you might lose the chance of having collaboration opportunity with other type of businesses. Although almost every business has a website now, there are still some common web design mistakes happening in the internet right now. People need to understand that those glitches might not be tolerable by the customers, as they fully understand that glitches are wrong. Web design Malaysia agencies would help your business to avoid these common mistakes.

The first common mistake is that the website is so crowded. Customers need to understand your business in few seconds, you cannot hope for them to scroll down and down to read all your contents to understand what it is exactly your business about. Be simple and direct, while still using appropriate visuals.

The second mistake is having out-of-date contents. It is 2019 now, and if your website has not been updated since 2017, people might assume that you run out of business. It also makes your traffic go down, as there is no new contents to look at.

The last common mistakes is having poor optimization. I am talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If your website do not apply SEO, then it is high chance your website would not be discoverable as it would not come up at the top page of search engine. Even if your website has very nice contents, it would go to waste as people would not discover your website.

Now you might notice that your business does own some or all of the common mistakes above. Do not fret! Web design Malaysia agencies are here to help you make your website better and better.